Kentucky’s Proposed Law Allows Sex with Animals

by Admin on January 17, 2017

Law only bans sex with pets


Following in the footsteps of Ohio which recently made bestiality illegal, Kentucky lawmakers are proposing to ban its residents from having sex with their pets. Sex with other farm animals would still be legal under the proposed law.

According to various reports, House Bill 143 was proposed by Republican State Representative Wesley Morgan and would make it a felony to sexually assault animals that are kept as pets. However, the law fails to mention other farm animals such as goats, sheep and cows.

These animals were otherwise protected by Kentucky’s anti-sodomy law. However, the law was previously overturned as it was found to be unconstitutional as it made the act illegal to humans who wanted to perform sodomy consensually.

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The law was drafted by Dee Robinson of Kentucky Citizens against Animal Abuse and Domestic Violence. Robinson said she chose to concentrate on pets in order to antagonizing hunters and farmers.

Bestiality is still legal in large parts of the world. In Thailand, sexual acts with animals can result in a year long prison sentence and a fine of ฿20,000 under the 2014 Thailand’s Animal Welfare Act.

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