Law Professor Shuts Down CNN for Wikileaks Comment

by Admin on October 19, 2016

CNN’s Chris Cuomo stated that it’s illegal to possess Wiki leaks emails5193828936_5edfe55113_bPhoto by red, white, and black eyes forever

CNN news anchor Chris Cuomo recently drew some backlash for his comment on his segment while discussing Hillary Clinton’s leaked emails. The anchor said “Remember, it’s illegal to possess these stolen documents. It’s different for the media.”

Law professor Jonathan Turley spared no time to talk about the controversial comment on his blog. He said that although possession of stolen material is a crime, the emails had already been leaked on the internet so it is highly doubtful that downloading material that is already widely available is a punishable offence.

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He adds, “Whatever crime is alleged, it will be directed at the original hacker and not the public. Just downloading and reading public available material is unlikely to be viewed as a crime unless you use material to steal someone’s identity or commit a collateral crime. Otherwise, possession of the Pentagon Papers would lead to the arrest of tens of thousands of citizens.”

According to Turley, most people who do read the leaked information usually do so online which is not a crime since “there is no actionable crime in reading the material from any of the myriad of sites featuring the Wikileaks documents”

Read his blog here

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