Lawmakers Make Government Contracts Secret in Mississippi

by Admin on November 30, 2016

The vote was carried out after a public records request was made

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The Mississippi Legislature voted to adopt a new policy that requires all contracts that it approves to be confidential.

According to a report by Techdirt, the reason for the swift decision was a request by Mississippi Today to obtain copies of a contract between the government and EdBuild, a nonprofit organization that had received $250,000 to start working on the state’s “Adequate Education Program“.

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According to Mississippi Today, the policy reads “All contracts entered into by the House Management Committee shall be confidential and shall not be released to any person or entity, except as specifically directed by the House Management Committee only when the committee deems necessary for the execution of the contract.”

The move has been condemned by many who claim that the law does not allow for transparency and accountability. Techdirt writes, “Apparently just knowing its money is being spent should be good enough for the state’s residents.”

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