Like Rats from a Sinking Ship: Increasing Numbers of Latino Migrants Return to Home Countries

by Admin on November 15, 2011

US expats in Thailand aren’t the only ones leaving American shores in favor of slower lifestyles and low costs of living. Reportedly, both documented and illegal migrants from Latin America are returning to their native lands, following the decline of the American job market and the stabilization of Latin American politics. Latin American migrants left the US in mass numbers after the economic crash in 2008 destroyed the real estate market and cut construction jobs.


According to experts, there are 1 million fewer undocumented migrants in the US that there were in 2007. Speculative theories as the the causes of the decrease of undocumented workers include the dissuasive nature of harsh immigration policies, and the overall lack of economic benefit of  life in the USA, in terms of real wages and standard of  life. Perhaps US citizens should take their cues from the workers leaving America’s fair shores, and make a beeline for the nearest Chinese or Brazilian consulates to apply for foreign work visas!

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