Love at First Sight, or Love at Last Rites?

by Admin on January 20, 2012

January 17th was beautiful day for a wedding in Surin, Thailand, when Thai T.V. producer Chadil Deffy married his dead girlfriend Ann Kamasuk. Looking dapper in a mourning suit and top hat, Chadil married the wedding dress-clad body of Kamasuk in an “act of great love”.  Allegedly, Kamasuk, who had been Deffy’s significant other for a decade, had asked him to marry her, but due to Deffy’s continued procrastination, the couple failed to legalize their union before Kamasuk died in a car accident on January 3rd.

 Our Thailand divorce lawyers can unequivocally state that marriage to a dead body does NOT count as a legal union under Thai law; these circumstances do, therefore, eliminate the need for a prenuptial agreement.

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