Mahouts Fight Against Elephant Ownership Bill

by Admin on October 25, 2013


Hundreds of mahouts gathered with their elephants yesterday at Ayutthaya’s elephant corral and called on the government not to approve the draft Wild Animals Preservation and Protection Bill reports The Nation.

The bill would mean that domesticated elephants would be “owned” by a state agency supervising wildlife protection. It is hoped that the bill would reduce illegal poaching, but  Netiwin Amornshing, a 36-year-old mahout from Surin, said “the bill will not resolve the problems.”

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Recently, the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust recently organized worldwide marches in protest of the illegal ivory trade, one of which was held in Bangkok. TLF were able to interview key people involved in the march (see video link below).  According to  The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust‘s iworry campaign one elephant is killed every 15 minutes for their ivory.

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