Malaysia Airlines and Boeing Under Fire from US Law Firm

by Admin on March 27, 2014

malaysia airlines personal injury claim

The Raw Story recently reported that a US law firm, representing an aggrieved relative of flight MH370, plans to sue Malaysia Airlines and Boeing for “millions of dollars”.

Chicago-based Ribbeck Law Chartered has filed a court petition, on behalf of a grieving father, against the companies blaming them for the disaster. This marks the first of what promises to be a cascade of civil legal proceedings by the families of flight MH370 passengers.

Januari Siregar, the grieving father who lost his 25 year old son on the flight, was quoted saying, “I seek justice for my son and all of the people who lost their lives in the crash.”

The US law firm has filed a “petition of discovery” in Illinois requesting a court to order requiring  Malaysia Airlines and Boeing to provide potential evidence of the crash and other information; the companies have 30 days to reply.

According to recent satellite data, Flight MH370 is believed to have crashed into the southern Indian Ocean, but no wreckage has been found. Malaysia Airlines believes that it was diverted deliberately, but no evidence has been given to the frustrated relatives of the passengers.

The Malaysian Air Carrier has paid $5,000 to the families of the lost passengers, but they are entitled to up to about $176,000 compensation under an international convention. However, it seems that the families will soon be seeking millions of dollars from the billion-dollar aviation companies.

According to Joe Leeds managing Partner of Chaninat & Leeds, a Thailand based law firm specializing in international accident and injury law and Thailand personal injury law , the main reason for seeking compensation in US Courts is that damage awards are much higher than in Asian nations. This phenomenon of very high court awards for injuries (and deaths)  is believed to be related to the jury system in the US courts and American culture.  The problem, however, is of gaining jurisdiction in a US Court. Malaysia Airways will likely object to jurisdiction in the US Court.

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