Man at Court Scams People as Fake Attorney

by Admin on March 6, 2015

While at a courthouse to finalize his own plea bargain, Kyle Arnold decided to pose as an attorney to con people out of their money while he waited, reports Jonathan Turley.

Arnold, who was out of prison on a $75,000 bail in an assault case, recognized the girlfriend of a defendant from a different case at the courthouse, so reportedly decided to offer his “legal services” to help her.

The woman accompanied him to the Municipal Services building, where Arnold took his “attorney’s fee” of $1,300 and left by telling her he had to go to his office.

According to Jonathan Turley, police were able to identify Arnold and located him outside the same Delaware County Courthouse in the middle of using the same con on a different woman.

Chaninat and Leeds’ is comprised of licensed Thailand criminal attorneys and licensed foreign attorneys who have assisted Thai and foreign clients in civil and criminal fraud cases in Thailand since 1997.

Arnold is in prison again and, in addition to the assault charges from his original case, is now being charged with unlawful undertaking, theft, and receiving stolen property.

Jonathan Turley points out that Arnold’s new charges interestingly don’t include a charge for unauthorized practice of law which is a criminal offense.

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