Media Interest Continues In Bangkok’s “Hitler Chicken” As It’s Exposed As A Hoax

by Admin on July 11, 2013

Not so much breaking news anymore, but media interest continues in the now infamous Bangkok fast food outlet “Hitler Chicken”.

News first broke out about the story months ago, when a picture of the outlet was tweeted by travel writer, Andrew Spooner, although he explained he did not take the photo itself, simply found it online. Unconfirmed reports say the photo was taken in 2011.

The Daily Mail ran with the story, and even used a quote from an individual who claimed he had eaten there. Unconfirmed reports also now allege the quote was made up. Spooner wrote on his twitter page, “[The] best thing about that Daily Mail piece is that the restaurant is not in Bangkok and the Mail made up quote. My tweeted photo of Hitler Fried Chicken has gone global and viral. 1000s of tweets, it’s in about 20 newspapers and all use false Mail quote”.

However, stories and articles continued, particularly when it was reported that KFC were considering taking legal action that the sign outside the restaurant breached their own trademark. Under Thailand trademark law challenges can be made to persons and entities infringing your trademark or violating your intellectual property rights in the Thailand Intellectual Property Courts.

However KFC has now called off its action when news surfaced that the outlet had now either closed or had in fact never really existed.

Thailand’s craze with so called “Nazi chic” has caused outrage with many western tourists, but Thailand lawyers are quick to point out it stems from ignorance of history rather than any malice.

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