Michigan Bill Mandates Joint Custody

by Admin on June 23, 2017

Domestic abuse cases would be exempt

Michigan State Capitol

Michigan’s House Judiciary Committee approved a child custody bill that would require judges to award joint custody of children to divorcing parents save for those that fall under the domestic abuse category.

According to Detroit Free Press, the bill came after statistics showed that custody was not determined by the type of parent but rather the type of judge presiding over the case.

“We looked at county by county statistics on what happens in custody situations and what we found out is that the custody arrangements are not determined by the kind of parent that you are, but the judge in the county,” said Rep. Jim Runestad, who sponsored the legislation.

“We have study after study of the benefits of shared parenting. It’s a tremendous benefit for the children.”

The bill has faced stern opposition from several judges, child custody lawyers, advocates against domestic violence and the family law section of the State Bar of Michigan.

“This bill presumes that one form of custody is best for all families and that’s equal time,” said Rebecca Shiemke, of the Michigan Poverty Law program. “And that’s not necessarily true.”

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