Muslim Law Allowing Men to Divorce Wives by Text Message

by Admin on September 3, 2015

An ancient Muslim law is seeing hundreds of Indian Muslim men verbally divorcing their wives, a practice apparently 92.1 women want to see banned, according to a study by Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan, an organizarion that fights for Indian Muslim women’s rights.

As Gulf News reports, there has been a significant increase in digital divorces in recent years, with men calling, text messaging and even using social media to announce the divorce to their wives. The same rights do not apply to women, and this leaves women vulnerable.

Image Credit: Tim Moffat (Flickr)
Women at Taj Mahal, India’s most famous Muslim-built monuments. Image Credit: Tim Moffat (Flickr)

They can do this using the ‘triple talaq’ – repeating the word ‘talaq’ three times, which the Koran states mean instant divorce.

Most Muslim countries, have outlawed this mode of instant divorce, as divorce is frowned upon in Islam. However, India, which is mainly Hindu, does not disallow it.

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Co-founder of BMMA, Zakia Somani says:

“Any attempt at reforming the law is stonewalled in the name of not interfering with [Muslims’] religious matters […] They say that law is divine. We all know that law is manmade.”

India allows freedom of religion, and the government accepts minorities. However there is a push for a nationwide civil court that will cover matters under a national system, and not governed by religion.

However, minorities have concerns that a move like this will see Hindu values take to the foreground, and will override their own religious values.

Muslims in India are protected under the Muslim Personal Law, which allows clerics to apply Islamic laws on civil issues such as divorce.

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