New Circumcision Law in Germany

by Admin on September 27, 2012

Germany’s Justice Ministry has outlined a planned new law that will allow the circumcision of infant boys and end uncertainty after a local court banned the practice.

Muslims and Jews were outraged when the district court in Cologne banned circumcision. The government, not wanting to cause problems soon promised a legislation to protect the right to circumcise.

The Cologne court, ruling in the case of a Muslim boy who suffered bleeding after circumcision, said the practice inflicted bodily harm and should not be carried out on young boys, although it could be practiced on older males with consent.

While Jewish circumcision is the removal of the foreskin and a mainstream secular practice, Muslims extend circumcision to females. However, the circumcision of girls is a clitoridectomy, which is the removal of the clitoris.

The new bill states that the operation should take place “with the most effective pain relief possible” and only if the parents have been fully informed about the nature of the procedure. Also, if the infant boy is less than six months old then the procedure can be carried out by mohel, a Jewish individual specially trained in circumcising.

According to a spokesman, the bill’s outline is based on parents’ constitutional rights to bring up their children and decide on all matters concerning them.

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