New Hampshire Majority Votes to Legalize Recreational Marijuana

by Admin on January 19, 2018

The New Hampshire House of Representatives voted 207 to 139 for a bill that would legalize the recreational use of Marijuana. The bill had faced some opposition with a committee recommendation to stop the bill from progressing. However, on Tuesday the majority voted for the bill.

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The legislation will allow adults to grow up to six plants at home and process an ounce of marijuana. It does not include the distribution of the plant. The bill has been introduced to the House Ways and Means Committee and is expected to reach the Senate soon. It is at the Senate where the bill may face some challenges as marijuana legislation approved by the House is usually killed off.

The bill’s approval from the New Hampshire House of Representatives follows the Trump’s administration of revoking the Obama administrations marijuana enforcement policies last week.

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Image: Harvest, Pixabay

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