Philippines Debates Banning Catholic Divorce

by Admin on April 25, 2023

The Philippine’s legislature is currently considering a proposed law that would make divorce easier to obtain. The Philippines, a country heavily influenced by Catholicism, has a legal system that makes divorce extremely difficult to obtain.

The newly proposed Divorce Act would be for the exceptional circumstances of married couples who are “marooned in toxic, dysfunctional and even abusive marriages, particularly for wives who suffer the torment of irreversibly dead marriages.”

The bill provides that a divorce petition will undergo a judicial process where proof of the cause for the divorce is established and that the marriage has completely collapsed without any possibility of reconciliation.

Although the national religion of Thailand is Buddhism, religion, does not normally play a role in the divorce of law Thailand. The only exception is the 4 Muslim Province in Thailand’s Southern region, where Sharia law is applied. Thailand, unlike, the Philippines, allows for consensual divorces if the divorce is administrative, and registered at a local district office. However, for court divorces Thailand law  requires that a plaintiff in a divorce case allege a legal ground, or legal reason for a divorce.

Photo credit: Kamaljith K V

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