Norwegian High Court Bans Childlike Sex Dolls

by Admin on September 12, 2019

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Norway’s Supreme Court ruled recently that childlike sex dolls are a violation of the country’s laws.

The five-judge panel ruled unanimously that a 100cm sex doll resembling a child amounted to the sexualizing children.

A Norwegian man had ordered the doll from Hong Kong but it was seized at customs upon its arrival in the Scandanavian country.

According to Section 311 of Norway’s Criminal Code, the importation of any depictions that sexual children are prohibited.

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The man was originally convicted and sentenced to a 60-day prison sentence before appealing to the country’s high court.

Supreme Court judge Cecilie Østensen Berglund stated though that the doll looked far below 18-years-of-age and had “such distinctive features that it implies sexualization of children”.

The man and his legal representatives argued that the doll should be considered “a sufficient substitute to prevent real abuse [of minors]”.

The court, however, did not buy the argument and ruled in favor of existing legislation banning sexual depictions of children.

Read the full story here.

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