Fast Divorces Within 35 Days in Connecticut

by Admin on October 13, 2015

Divorcing couples in Connecticut will be glad to hear that a new law went into effect on October 1st, meaning that for some it will now be easier and quicker to be granted a divorce.

As NH Register reports, the new law, known as the Nonadversarial Dissolution of Marriage, offers two ways spouses can get a divorce, which usually takes a minimum of three months in Connecticut.

One simplified process will mean eligible couples can obtain a divorce in 35 days or less. It will also be possible for a judge to grant a divorce remotely, providing the correct paperwork, meaning couples may not need to go to court.

The second process applies to those couples who have agreed on the terms of their divorce. This will mean they can file a motion to ask a judge to waive the 90 day period that is usually standard practice.

Some divorce lawyers have been critical of the new legislation, as they feel couples will not receive sufficient legal aid. Concerns have also been raised over the potential for fraud if neither party is required to attend court.

Although easier divorces may be music to the ears of separating Connecticut couples, there are a few limitations to the new law.

Couples must not have been married for longer than eight years, they must have no children, and the total value of property they own must be less than $35,000.

For the full list of limitations read the full story here.

There seems to be a current theme of lawmakers pushing for simplified divorces. For example, just last week ThaiLawForum reported that divorce would become easier in Maryland – and the limitations are comparable to the Connecticut law.

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