Pet Sitting Company Loses Court Case for Overfeeding Fish

by Admin on September 6, 2016

Prestigious Pets, a pet Sitting company in Texas lost the $1 million lawsuit it filed against an unhappy customerfish-bowl-846060_960_720

A Texas court dismissed a $1 million dollar lawsuit filed by Prestigious Pets against one of its customers, a  Michelle Duchuoquette for “violating” an anti disparagement clause that been placed in the pet sitting contract she had signed.

Michelle Duchuoquette had written an unflattering Yelp review stating her unhappiness with the way the company’s hired pet sitter had overfed her fish.

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According to Washington Post, Prestigious Pets first brought suit in a small claims court, seeking a few thousand dollars in damages as well as an injunction. The company lost the suit after which they filed another lawsuit claiming damages of $1 million on the grounds that their business ratings had dropped significantly due to the negative media coverage brought on by the Duchuoquettes.

The Texas Court ruled in favor of the couple asking Prestigious Pets to cover any legal fees and court costs that were incurred on the Duchuoquettes during the hearing.

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