Pink Slime: Another Piece of the MSG-filled, Aspartame-laden Pie

by Admin on March 19, 2012

Pink slime” has been in the news lately, after several reports focused the general public’s attention on the widespread use of highly texturized, ammonia-treated beef trimmings (know informally as “pink slime”) as a filler in up to 70% ofAmerica’s ground beef supply. The controversial filler has been found in grocery store, fast food restaurants, and even in school lunches. Unsurprisingly, the uproar generated by American food safety advocates has been substantial…but we think they’re missing the point.

In our opinion, pink slime is just the over processed, ammonia dusted flavor of the month. The sorry state of food quality – both in the U.S. and throughout the world – is nothing new. Contamination from allergens, monosodium glutamate (MSG), and artificial sweeteners have troubled both food quality activists and food allergy sufferers for years. Potentially harmful flavor enhancers and chemical fillers can be found in all kinds of foods, from the humblest stir-fry to overpriced “wellness drinks”. Would you like a side of inflammation, cancer, toxicity, and brain lesions with your meal?

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