Poland Passes Transgender Bill

by Admin on August 11, 2015

The Polish senate has approved a new gender recognition law, sparking cheers all round for the LGBT community in the Eastern European country, reports Pink News.

Image Credit: Plotr Drablk (Flickr)
Polish Flag. Image Credit: Plotr Drablk (Flickr)

The Gender Accordance Act has been passed by Poland’s upper court, but celebrations are marred by a few last minute amendments which have raised concerns over whether it will actually make the transition process harder for transgender people.

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Transgenders in Poland had previously had to go through a lengthy court process in order to be legally recognized as the gender opposite to the one they were born.

The new, simpler criteria, states 3 things: they must be a Polish citizen; be unmarried and show two medical opinions to a regional court for assessment, which state that the individual is “a person of a different gender identity than the gender legally assigned.”

President of Polish transgender group Trans-Fuzja, Wiktor Dynarski said:

“It is a huge victory for trans people in Poland […] For the past few days we have seen members of Parliament advocating both against and for the law, but it was for the first time that we actually heard Polish policy makers openly protecting bodily autonomy of trans people and recognizing that trans citizens need to have their dignity assured.”

The further amendments that have been added mean that a sexologist and psychologist must also be present in court. If the trans person has children then a pediatric psychologist must also be present.

Evelyne Paradis of pro-LGBT group ILGA-Europe said:

“there are still many improvements that need to be made, especially after today’s disappointing amendments […] We will stand with LGBTI activists in Poland to ensure that the outstanding issues are rectified. Poland still has an opportunity to take its place among the leading European trans laws. There is still time to blaze a trail; we call on Poland’s politicians to take that chance.”

See the full story at Pink News.

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