Polio Virus From Vaccine Infects Children in India

by Admin on June 22, 2016

Vaccine-derived polio virus in India’s sewers.

Last Wednesday June 15 ‘Telangana health authorities announced a polio vaccination drive because a mutated strain of polio had been found in the Amberpet Nala in Hyderabad.’

The World Health Organization declared India polio-free in 2012, and just last week there was a spark for alarm after the announcement, that polio could have resurfaced again.

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Indian Health Officials issued assurances that vaccine derived viruses escaping into the public domain was a normal type of phenomena to happen.

The safety and efficiency of Vaccines has been challenged however. Thai Law Forum has recently uploaded an interview regarding vaccine activism with Eileen Dannemann.

India changed over to the new polio immunization mechanism on April 26th 2016, when all trivalent oral polio stocks were destroyed.

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