Portland Moves to Ban Drag Shows

by Admin on September 18, 2017

The city of Portland, Tennessee recently passed the first reading of an ordinance amendment to prohibit drag shows, Tennesseean reports.

The legislation came in response to a show by Elite Drag Star Productions earlier this month. It labels such shows as ‘adult cabaret’, a term that Kyle Guillermo, owner of Elite, disagrees with. “We are drag queens, we are not taking our clothes off. We are not cabaret”, he said.

The city’s decision was accompanied by hate mail, which Guillermo says he received from members of the public. Despite this, the show has been a success, with tickets selling out.  Local LGBT groups have planned a support rally in response to the criticism, which is to take place outside Portland City Hall on September 18th.

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Drag Shows and Transgender Rights in Thailand

Drag shows among the most popular attractions in Thailand, with shows like Calypso Cabaret in Bangkok and Tiffany’s in Pattaya drawing thousands of spectators every year.

Thailand is thought to be more tolerant and progressive than other countries when it comes to transgender rights. More gender reassignment surgeries are carried out in this country than anywhere else in the world, and it hosts the world-famous transgender beauty pageant, Miss Tiffany’s Universe.

However, while transgender and LGBT individuals are generally accepted in Thailand, this isn’t entirely the case under the law. Thai law doesn’t allow transgender individuals to legally change their gender after surgery. Sam-sex marriages aren’t recognized by law, which means than a transgender woman is unable to marry a man, as they are legally recognized as being of the same gender.

Since 2015, discrimination on the basis of gender or sexual orientation has been illegal in Thailand. That same year, it was reported that Thai courts were considering extending legal protections to a ‘third gender’. While things are undoubtedly improving for transgender rights in Thailand, there is still a long way to go.

Read the full story here.

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