“Privileged Background” of Pedophile Spares Him Jail

by Admin on February 26, 2016

A former student of the UK’s prestigious Eton College appears to have been let off his jail sentence, after being arrested on child pornography charges.

Andrew Picard, now 18, was found with almost 2000 pornographic images of children on his computer at the elite school in the south of England.

Picard, the son of a top London lawyer shared photos via internet chatrooms from his dormitory. His IP address was traced to the school after he shared illicit material with an undercover police officer online.

Criminal defense lawyers in Bangkok Chaninat and Leeds have been handling sensitive cases in Thailand for decades.

His computer contained images of girls as young as three being raped, and children being forced to have sex with dogs.

He admitted to ten counts of child pornography, and was yesterday handed a ten month prison term, suspended for 18 months.

The judge at yesterday’s trial said that prison would “undo” the counseling he has undergone.

The British press has suggested that his privileged background and family connections are the true reason for the suspended sentence.

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