Proof: Fukushima Radiation is Spreading

by Admin on October 19, 2015

Increasing reports are implying that radiation from Fukushima’s nuclear plant leakage in 2011 is spreading far further than most people believe, with Japanese officials allegedly covering up the extent of the damage.

Although one might expect deaths and mutations around Fukushima area itself, it will come as a shock to many just how far the contamination has spread.

For example, tuna fish caught off the Californian coast has been found to be contaminated with radiation from the leak.

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Fish are a clear indication of how radiation travels. As Reuters reports: “Unlike some other compounds, radioactive cesium does not quickly sink to the sea bottom but remains dispersed in the water column, from the surface to the ocean floor.

Fish can swim right through it, ingesting it through their gills, by taking in seawater or by eating organisms that have already taken it in.”

According to German oceanographers radiation levels are expected to double in the next 5 – 6 years.

Thailand’s fish is shipped all over the world, according to the below video this too may be contaminated by Fukushima radiation.

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