Rapist Skips Jail – Marries Victim

by Admin on September 2, 2016

Malaysian man marries his underage rape victim to avoid jail

A Malaysian man has sparked international outrage after avoiding jail term by marrying the 14 year old rape victim. The parents of the victim reportedly withdrew the complaint after the marriage. In some Islamic countries, such as Afghanistan, women are forced to choose between marrying their rapists and serving years in prison for adultery while their rapists need only marry their victims to stay blameless.

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According to prosecutor Ahmad Fariz Abdul Hamid, the Muslim man had two options; he could confess to the rape and face, in this case, up to 30 years in prison or he could marry his victim and get away with it scot free. Ahmad Syukri Yusuf, 22, chose the latter and now he is married to the 14 year old girl he had victimized and raped.

There is more on the story here

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