Registration of Foreign NGOs in Thailand

by Admin on April 24, 2014

Thailand is a very popular place for non-governmental organizations to locate. This video by Chaninat & Leeds law firm discusses the registration and operation of foreign  NGOs in Thailand.   The video also describes the different ways an NGO can register as a foundation. There are a number of practical consideration for foreign NGOs to consider before beginning operations.

International NGOs are allowed to register their organization in Thailand without registering as a local entity but this can create legal and financial issues during daily operations.

Thailand Foreign NGO Lawyer

Chaninat and Leeds specializes in Foreign NGO cases in Thailand

Registering a s alocal entity, normally in the form of a foundation may make obtaining work permits, doing banking and dealing with Thailand government officials more convenient.

There are many volunteering opportunities available in Bangkok: from social issues, to environmental issues, to health care issues, to minority rights, to human rights.  However foreign NGO are normally prohibited from engaging in political acitivites and other areas.

Watch the video here


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