Report Claims Canada’s Sex Trade Laws are “Disastrous” and “Tragic”

by Admin on December 8, 2016

The new law has been claimed to criminalize the entire sex industry

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A report submitted by an organization that champions the causes of society’s marginalized population in Canada claims that the newly passed prostitution law violates sex workers’ rights to freedom of expression and association and leaves them physically and economically vulnerable.

The Province reports that the Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act (PCEPA) makes any communication intended for the exchange of sexual services, gain of profit from the exchange as a third party, solicitation of sexual services and advertisement of sexual services as a third party, illegal.

As quoted by Province, “The PCEPA has been mischaracterized as targeting only those who harm or exploit sex workers, without criminalizing sex workers and others who may enhance their safety.”

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“The PCEPA violates sex workers’ rights to freedom of expression and association, security of the person, and equal treatment under the law.”

The law was passed to replace three old prostitution laws that the government found unconstitutional. Report author Brenda Belak said that instead of removing the unconstitutional provisions in the old laws, the government replaced them with new ones, “to disastrous and tragic effect.” She said “Our new federal government now faces their own choice: repeal these laws or fight to protect them when a constitutional challenge is launched.”

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