Rich UK Couples Avoiding Divorce Court Settlements Due to Media Interest

by Admin on October 9, 2015

Increasing amounts of affluent couples in the UK are avoiding divorcing in the courts, due to the widespread media interest their cases attract.

As Campden FB reports, divorces involving a lot of money can quickly become high profile cases, with couple seeing their assets, financial arrangements and other personal details quickly becoming public.

UK firm Hugh James, explains that couples can request reporting restrictions, but they are required to alert the media as to their privacy application, to give them the opportunity to contest.

Journalists have been able to attend most family law hearings since 2009, and last year saw new rules that freed up reporting judgments, which mean cases may be held before a completely open court, unless there is a minor or vulnerable adult involved which would be treated as a special case.

Divorce lawyers in Bangkok Chaninat and Leeds have decades of experience helping both Thai nationals and foreigners in Thailand, successfully get divorced.

Hugh James associate Charlotte Leyshon said: “Avoiding publicity is definitely more of an issue, and mediation and arbitration are a possible solution […] If these routes are less confrontational and more cost-effective than a trial, then that’s a good thing.”

She continues:

“However, some cases are genuinely intractable. If one party is being unreasonable, then their ex-partner may be forced to settle on unfair terms simply to avoid court. In those circumstances, the threat of publicity becomes a weapon in the negotiation. That is surely not what the move towards greater transparency in family cases was intended to achieve.”

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