Same Sex Common Law Marriage Recognized by Judge

by Admin on September 17, 2015

For the first time in Texas a judge has recognized the right of a woman to have her common law same-sex marriage recognized following the death of her long term partner, reports Chron.

Common law marriage is where a union has not been legally formalized like a traditional marriage, but is recognized by law due to long-term cohabitation.

Barbara Nunnely, a family law attorney who has represented numerous same-sex couples, says “It’s one more indication that gay people who have married have the same rights as opposite sex people who have married.”

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Sonemaly Phrasaveath, married her long term spouse Stella Powell in 2008, after four years together. When Powell died in June 2014 from colon cancer, Phrasavath faced a legal battle with the Powell family over rights to her estate, and whether they were officially recognized as spouses.

The US Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage on June 26, a decision that overrode states which still carried the ban, including Texas.

Based on this ruling, Phrasavath was able to agree on a settlement with Powell’s family, including acknowledement of their common law marriage. The settlement was objected to by Attorney General Ken Paxton, however Probate Judge Guy Herman approved and removed Paxman as party to the case.

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