Sex Workers Giving People with Disabilities “A Chance”

by Admin on April 17, 2013

A new documentary sheds light on a sexual issue not commonly publicized: the sex lives of people with disabilities.

“Can Have Sex Will Have Sex,” features the sex lives of four disabled people.

People with disabilities who may be unable to find sexual release on their own have one outlet which the documentary features: hiring sex workers. Outside of the film industry, people with disabilities who hire sex workers is more common — and accessible — than people think: a UK website created by a disabled man features sex workers who specifically cater to clients with disabilities.

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Oftentimes, the sex workers are being hired not by those with disabilities, but their caregivers, even parents.

Tuppy Owens of The Guardian writes, “Many [women] tell me they would love to pay somebody who knows what they are doing, who helps them learn what their bodies are capable of enjoying, but most never try.”


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