Singaporeans Overwhelmingly Favor Country’s Harsh Drug Laws

by Admin on May 27, 2019

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Across every single demographic category, Singaporeans heavily support the country’s draconian drug laws, according to a new poll.

The study, conducted by The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), surveyed 2,000 Singaporeans, including 902 aged 13 to 30.

Overall, over 97 percent of respondents said that drugs should remain illegal in the Southeast Asian nation, that they harm the health of users, and that Singapore’s strict drug laws are an appropriate counter-measure.

Somewhat surprising, however, is that despite their support for their country’s drug laws overall, only about a half on young respondents (52.7%) said that the death penalty is appropriate for those caught trafficking large amounts of drugs.

On the other hand, nearly three-fourths of the respondents over 30 felt that the death penalty is an appropriate punishment.

According to Singapore’s drug laws, drug trafficking convicted for moving a certain amount of drugs face a mandatory death penalty–for weed, the amount is 500 grams.

Both younger and older respondents strongly support caning for drug dealers.

Strict drug laws are nothing new across Southeast Asia. In fact, two individuals were given the death penalty in Thailand for violating Thai drug laws.

The only Southeast Asian countries to outlaw the practice are Cambodia and the Philippines.

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