Slow Progress for Bangkok Bomb Investigations

by Admin on August 24, 2015

Thailand’s chief of police Somyot Poompunmuang said yesterday that police are investigating a list of suspects for last Monday’s lethal explosion at Erawan Shine in the capital’s Chidlom district, however is not sharing further details, reports Bangkok Post.

Although he admitted investigations are progressing slowly, a “group of suspects” have been identified. He did not disclose whether they are Thais or internationals, although there is some certainty that foreigners are involved. He also says that no motive has yet been ruled out.

Image Credit: Pocket News (Flickr)
Malaysian victims bodies arrive at Penang airport. Image Credit: Pocket News (Flickr)

Somyot said yesterday that they would “need some luck” to track down the main suspect who was caught on security footage apparently planting the bomb at the Erawan Shrine. He appears to have untidy hair and is wearing a yellow T-shirt.

He has blamed outdated equipment for the slow investigations, and is trying to procure better tools.

He said:

“We will only receive assistance in terms of equipment, but will not allow any representatives from other countries to interfere without investigation.”

Thai criminal defense lawyers Chaninat and Leeds are experts in handling criminal cases in Thailand for both Thai nationals and foreigners.

Meanwhile, the son of the former Thai prime minister, Panthongtae Shinawatra, has upped the reward being offered for the capture of the culprits by almost $200,000.

He wrote on Friday:

I have been given permission from my father to give seven million baht ($196,000), two for any informant and five million for those officials who investigate and make arrests.

“In order to swiftly regain confidence and morale among both Thais and foreigners we have to arrest the suspect as soon as possible to make everyone realize that Thailand is not [a] place where this kind of thing can happen and you get off scot free.”

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