Standardized GMO Labeling Approved in US

by Admin on October 20, 2015

Victory in the U.S. for those who support proposed federal legislation that will set a national standard for labeling GMO food products, reports Info Rum.

The U.S. House has passed the legislation, and if approved at the final stages then this will greatly simplify the navigation of potential confusing, not to mention costly, state labeling laws that have been a point of much argument among food groups and agricultural companies.

As Nancy Johnson, executive director of the North Dakota Soybean Growers Association explains, Food labeling has been handled on the national level for more than a century, and requiring it now for GMO food in individual states “would lead to a lot of potential confusion for a consumer in any given state.”

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This of course is not a cause for celebration for those with concerns about the long term health and environmental problems that consuming GMO foods may bring. ThaiLawForum has reported previously about how GMO crops have been rejected in numerous countries in Europe.

These countries appear to have adopted the philosophy “unsafe until proven safe” and the US the opposite.

Still, at least anti-GMO activists can find some solace that GMO food is being labeled period, which wasn’t always the case.

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