Surrogate Wins Custody In Court

by Admin on April 18, 2014

A Texas Appeals Court has ruled a woman who conceived via anonymous donor egg and sperm from a platonic friend is the legal mother of the twins she delivered according to Court House News.

Cindy Close and Marvin McMurrey III took their case to Court after they couldn’t agree on whether they planned to co-parent the children or whether Close would simply carry the children as a surrogate for McMurrey and his partner, assuming no role in the children’s upbringing.

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McMurrey sued her two weeks later, seeking a declaration that he is the child’s father and that Close was “surrogate or gestational carrier” without parental rights, however Close issued a counterclaim for child support, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, infliction of emotional distress, conspiracy and malicious prosecution.

The judge declared both McMurrey and Close to be the legal parents of the twins.

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