Swiss Voters Approve Email Surveillance

by Admin on September 26, 2016

Swiss voters have signed off on a new law that allows national intelligence to tap phones and infiltrate emails in its fight against terrorismsurveillance-156028_1280

The Star reports 65.5% of Swiss voters approved the new spy law that allows the country’s intelligence agencies to tap phone calls, track internet activities and infiltrate emails in the fight against cyber terrorism.

Under the law, the Federal Intelligence Agency and other authorities will be able to put suspects who are deemed a clear threat under surveillance. This will entail tapping phone calls, infiltrating emails as well as deploying hidden cameras and microphones.

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The law was celebrated by those that felt Switzerland needed to update its outdated intelligence laws with hopes that this would bring the Swiss up to par with countries that have stronger legal arsenals against cyber attacks. The opposing side however, felt that the law allowing mass surveillance would curtail civil liberties.

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