Thai GMO Bill Recalled Due to Safety Concerns

by Admin on July 24, 2015

Strong resistance greeted the biological safety bill on Wednesday, whose application of GMO technology in Thailand has been recalled, writes Thai PBS.

The National Reform Council’s Mr Prasert Chidhong argued that the problem with the bill was Section 52’s drafting, which is worded in a way that protects the parties that cause damages via biological technology, rather than protecting damaged parties.

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Image Credit: John Serrao (Flickr) Image Credit: John Serrao (Flickr)

Moreover, to be accepted the bill must include a research paper proving GMO technology to be safe, Mr Prasert said.

Fellow NRC member, Mr Winai Talun, suggested that GMO technology has not been proven to be 100% safe.

Mr Krirkkrai Jirapaet, chairman of the NRC’s agricultural and industrial reform panel, confirmed that the bill should be recalled for further review.

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