Thai Government Might Get Sued for Granting Patents to Natural Cannabis Products

by Admin on November 14, 2018

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Medical researchers are threatening to sue Thailand’s Intellectual Property Department after it registered two new natural cannabis extract patents.

The department previously claimed that it would not consider anyone who applied for a cannabis extract patent as Thai intellectual property law explicitly prohibits the patenting of herbal extracts.

“It is impossible for foreign companies to get a cannabis extract patent, and Thai researchers have a right to use cannabis extracts for the research and development of cannabinoid medicines,” said the Intellectual Property Department head Thosapone Dansuputra.

According to Thailand patent lawyers, in order to be considered for a patent on a natural product such as cannabis extract, the application must show artificial or selective breeding enhancements.

But Thailand’s Highland Network is reporting that two natural cannabis extract patents have already been granted by the Intellectual Property Department.

After hearing this, the Drug System Monitoring Mechanism Development Centre’s manager, Dr. Niyada Kiatying-Angsulee said she would sue the department if they don’t dismiss all the cannabis extract patent applications currently on the docket.

“As we have found that a handful of cannabis extract and cannabinoid medicine patent applications are now being considered, it is clear that the Intellectual Property Department has not performed its duty properly,” she said.

The Highland Network also reported that 15 other cannabis-based medicine patents are currently being considered by Thailand’s IP department.

Thailand is expected to become the first Asian country to legalize medical marijuana in the coming weeks.

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