Thai Immigration Boast About New Biometrics Identification System

by Admin on September 16, 2019

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Thailand immigration officials have praised the new biometrics identification system now being used in Thai airports.

The biometrics system, in just the last three days, has already nabbed eight foreigners trying to transit through Thailand using fake passports.

Three of the suspects were an Iranian family transiting to the UK in search of asylum.

Another Iranian man was nabbed at airport immigration with a stolen passport that had been flagged by Interpol.

A Syrian man and three Palestinian women were also stopped and detained by immigration while using fake Swedish passports. They were also asylum seekers transiting to a third unknown country.

The asylum seekers stopped by Thai immigration had paid up to 500,000 euros to fixers who helped them secure fake passports.

All claimed to be trying to escape unrest and conflict in their home countries.

Since being implemented, Thailand’s biometrics identification system in 16 airports is supposedly responsible for spotting over a thousand “blacklisted” individuals, 662 individuals with arrest warrants, and over 45,000 individuals overstaying their visa.

Read the full story here.

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