Thai Police Introduce Slew of New Justice Reforms

by Admin on October 10, 2018

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This week, Thai police working in unison with a justice reform committee introduced a host of new justice reform measures.

Headlining the new regulations was the ability of victims to report crimes to any police station across the Kingdom.

Before, those looking to lodge a complaint would have to visit the police station within the jurisdiction of where the crime occurred.

With the change, crimes reported to law enforcement outside of a given jurisdiction must be forwarded to the relevant police station within three business days.

Jiraporn Thongphong, a prominent Thailand criminal attorney, states that this amendment will benefit both police and victims, as it will allow for crimes to be reported and investigated in a more timely manner.

“When it comes to law enforcement investigating crimes, the quicker a report can be filed and in the hands of relevant authorities, the more chance of a positive investigation and outcome will occur in the end,” Thongphong said.

Other major criminal justice reforms introduced by Thai officials include a ban on parading crime suspects at press conferences unless it’s in the public interest as well as arranging for pro-bono lawyers to be on hand around the clock at the busiest police stations to serve suspects.

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