Thai Woman Jailed for Running Notorious Swiss Prostitution Ring

by Admin on April 1, 2013

A 43-year-old Thai woman was sentenced to six and half years in a Swiss prison for her role in one of Switzerland’s biggest sex trafficking scandals.

The unidentified woman was charged with human trafficking and incitement to prostitution, according to The woman’s network reportedly imported “50 Thai women and men and forced them to sell sex in several Swiss cities.”

The Bern court has said that the case is one of the largest they’ve seen. Her network operated for nearly three years, between 2008 and 2011, in six Swiss districts.

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Most of the women involved in the network came from poverty in Thailand, and were aware of the work they would be doing upon arrival in Switzerland. reports that while the women knew about the network they would be getting involved in, most were unaware of the massive fees they’d have to pay to work in the network and for relocation.

The Thai woman had made nearly 1.8 million Swiss francs during her time operating the ring.


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