Thailand Business Law Center Launch!

by Admin on November 23, 2012

Thailand Business Law Center

The Thailand Business Law Center  is a new web project providing relevant information regarding business laws and issues to Thai companies and foreign business owners in Thailand.

The website is a project of the law firm of Chaninat and Leeds.  The website provides investors and business people basic information concerning the following areas of business law:

  • Thailand Company Registration –  This section provides a basic summary of the most commonly used types of business organizations in Thailand.
  • Thailand Foreign Business License –  This section lists the types of industries restricted to foreign investors in Thailand as prescribed in the Foreign Business Act and the registration process for foreign business licenses.
  •  Thailand Contracts –  Information regarding the basic principles of Thailand contract  formation and interpretation pursuant to Thai laws is provided. 
  • US-Thailand Amity Treaty Company – Americans conducting business in Thailand may benefit from the Amity Treaty. The Amity Treaty provides US citizens special rights to conduct business in Thailand.
  •  Thailand Board of Investments Promotion – A practical summary on the process of applying for Thai BOI promotion and its potential benefits.
  • Thai FDA Registration –  This section summarizes the registration requirements for importing and manufacturing of products classified under the Food and Drugs Administration of  Thailand.
  •  Registering NGO in Thailand –  This section of the website provides basic information concerning registering and operating a Non- Government Organization in Thailand.
  •   Thailand Trademark Registration – Information concerning classification, registration criteria, registration procedure, licensing and validity and renewal of  Thailand Trademarks.
  •  Thailand Tax and Accounting –   This section provides an overview of the rules and regulations of Tax and Accounting in Thailand as prescribed by the Thai Revenue Code.
  • Thailand Work Permit – This section of the Thailand Business Law Center website provides general information concerning requirements and procedures to obtain a Thailand work permit for foreign nationals.


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