Thailand Law Forum: Latest Updates – Including “Buying Gold in Thailand” Documentary

by Thailand Lawyer on February 10, 2011

Thailand Law Forum is pleased to inform our readers of several new updates and features:

1. The video “Buying Gold in Thailand ”, which explains some of the legal and practical considerations of purchasing gold in Thailand.
2. The “Condo Bubble in Thailand” article discusses the recent boom in condominium projects in Bangkok and Thailand.  The author, Dr. Andrew M. Goodman, who is a long term resident of Thailand and economics expert, discusses macroeconomic factors and local market conditions in regards to purchasing or developing condominiums as an investment.

3. We have a new academic article from New York University Law Professor Frank Munger entitled “Global Funder, Grassroots Litigator – Judicialization of the Environmental Movement in Thailand“. The article discusses issues concerning the use of attorneys, the legal process and litigation as a means to promote social and humanitarian causes in Thailand.

4. The Prenuptial Law of Thailand translation has also recently been published.

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luz April 5, 2011 at 06:18

my daughter and I are staying with my friend for 6 months already and my kid is already 14 yrs old. since Sept. 2010 , its been 6 months and
she never run visa , does she need to run visa or not yet.
What is the age bracket of overstay and visa run for student?
is it 14 yr old below does not need visa ? anyway she
was born here and now she is tourist.
Can you give advise for this.

nick December 10, 2011 at 10:20

My Thai Co. Ltd bought a shophouse 6 years ago with Chanote title. The project was built 20 years ago and consist of about 100 shophouses at a U-shape road which belongs to the developer/builder.
Everyone uses the space in front of the shops for terrace or to sell some souvenirs. All of a sudden the owner of the street wants every month money for the use of the street. Can they do that?????
I heard from Thai owners they cannot ask for money because the project is more then 10 years old or something. I do not understand it. Does any one know the legal side of this????

a. wright February 16, 2012 at 08:19

I am looking for a lawyer who can represent me in a dispute with the u.s.govt social security administration. It would be at a hearing at the u.s. embassy in bangkok

Bettina Sy September 7, 2017 at 17:55

Great to here that condo buss in thailand is booming!keep it up thailand

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