Thailand Legal Cannabis Business Booming

by Admin on June 27, 2022

From street stalls selling homegrown Thai stick to upscale shopping malls selling manicured buds of Hindo kush buds other foreign cannabis strains, Thailand is experiencing a surge in the newly legalized cannabis market.

Cannabis  legalization become effective on June 9, 2022.

has not yet  provided a complete framework for licensing, growers, retail and wholesale sellers along with the legal change. Currently, store owners and potential investors are worried Thailand’s cannabis market is like the wild west. Prices vary. Online sales and dispensary sales range from 500 to 800 baht a gram for imported strains. Buying direct from small rowers on online shopping sites provides a bigger discounts,

According to Pun Pun Weber, a reggae musician in Koh Phangan , “Most expats and locals  cannot afford the new strains and will stick to Thai commercial weed.”  Imported strains, such as Kush and  Skunk are still astronomically more expensive than the local Thai stick which sells for 3,500 baht to 10,000 baht per kilogram. 

Accordingly, to Jee Sudatheps the owner of a tailor shop on Sukhumvit Road in downtown Bangkok. “I would like to open up a cannabis café about my tailor shop. But I am scared that I will invest a lot of money and then the government will issue new regulation that will put me out of business.” 

In deed without a clear regulation structure, there are millions of small and large entrepreneurs who can begin selling marijuana with few licensing requirements. 

Currently, Thai law only requires that home grown registers with the government. However, there is no review or licensing. There are also few restrictions on where and how to sell.

Credit photo by Blog Cannabis

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