Thailand on the Brink of Legal Medical Marijuana, One Way or Another

by Admin on September 25, 2018

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The push for legal medical marijuana in Thailand has lit up in recent months with prominent lawmakers, high-ranking junta leaders, and public health officials all touting legalization for medical purposes as the right step forward for the country.

But in recent weeks, interim lawmakers in the National Assembly are fearing that the drafted medical marijuana legislation is losing steam and might face a lengthy battle to become codified into law.

For that reason, some are pushing Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha, the leader of Thailand’s military government, to pass legal medical weed using Article 44, which allows him to enact any law on his own whim.

Recently, Prayuth used his power given in Article 44 to legalize cryptocurrencies in Thailand by emergency decree.

Whatever the case, the junta is dead set on passing medicinal cannabis before official elections are set to take place, which is tentatively set for Feb. 24 but could be pushed back further–as has happened repeatedly in the past under the ruling military government.

Even a majority of Thais now support legalizing medical marijuana.

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