Thailand to Impose 100 Baht Mandatory Health Insurance Fee on Tourists

by Admin on June 4, 2019

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Foreigners visiting Thailand will soon have to pay a mandatory 100 baht health insurance fee–in addition to any other visa fees–when they enter the country.

According to Thailand’s Tourism Ministry, the 100 baht fee will be used to purchase health insurance for travelers upon their arrival.

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The change is expected to take effect within the next six months.

Tourism ministry secretary Chote Trachu stated that the fee will raise 3.8 billion baht per year and but did not say if tourists with their own health insurance will be exempt.

Trachu also said the change in the policy is necessary to cover the unpaid healthcare burden put on Thailand by foreign tourists every year, which ministry numbers estimate to cost Thai taxpayers over 300 million baht per year.

Recently, Thailand made health insurance a mandatory requirement for longterm expats aged 50 and up.

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