Thailand’s Computer Crimes Act Takes Effect this May

by Admin on May 2, 2017

Under the law, sites are barred from posting anything deemed anti-government

The amended Computer Crimes Act which will go into effect May 24th will monitor internet companies such as YouTube and Facebook for anything that could be interpreted as criticism against the monarchy and the government.

According to Bloomberg, the updated law will bar content that is fake or “contrary to public order or public morality” and will give the government greater power to act if a computer crime affects “national security, public safety, national economic stability, or the infrastructure for public benefit.”

The law will also give companies the option to reduce their liability for prohibited posts, bans them from spamming customers as well as lengthens the time they may be ordered to store data.

Businesses will now be required to publish an official take-down policy on their sites, including a form letting people submit requests for removal. If the digital ministry decides a user has uploaded illegal material, it will dispatch instructions for removing the material to the platform provider.

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