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by Admin on March 15, 2012

Every Breath You Take…I’ll Be Watching You: CIA Divorces

The course of true love never did run smooth, especially for the spouses of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) operatives. According to recently divorced CIA couples, marriage to a professional spy is a taxing full-time job: spouses of CIA operatives reported that they were often asked (or coerced) to serve as covers for CIA operations. While many divorcing spouses site secrecy regarding assets, social isolation, and “double lives” as reason for hiring a divorce lawyer to file for divorce, we can only imagine how such issues might play into a divorce case when “double lives” and “poor communication” are actually requirements of one spouse’s job. Unsurprisingly, divorces among CIA operatives are fairly common…

Divorce Lawyer Convicted of Breaking and Entering in the Name of Professional Dedication

Despite being charged with breaking and entering, a divorce lawyer inNew Mexicois still selling his legal services. Attorney Raymond Van Arnam was caught red handed on security camera last year, when he broke into the home of his client’s ex-husband to steal legal papers. We assume that the documents in question would have assisted Van Arnam’s client’s case, but who knows. This week,New Mexico courts allowed Van Arnam to continue practicing until he is formally sentenced with his crimes. We wonder how business is doing?

Is Your Spouse Hiding Assets? Forbes Magazine Has Your Back

Hiding and withholding assets during divorce proceedings is both illegal and unethical, but according to Thailand lawyers, such practices are commonplace. Common methods used to conceal assets include purchases of items that might be undervalued (think relentlessly combing ebay for collectors’ items), creating fake debt, and overpayingthe IRS (this should always be a cause for concern). One final tactic that the article did not mention was the transfer of assets to nominees.


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