Tourists No Longer Allowed to Peep at Red Light District Sex Workers

by Admin on February 27, 2018

A new law that will come into effect in April will fine those who yell, take narcotics and alcohol in the red light district. Tourists are also asked to turn their back in respect for the sex workers. Tour guides and tour companies will be fined around 800 pounds if they do not enforce the new rules.

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The laws come from a series of trafficking charges that have revealed the Netherlands booming sex industry in terms of legalized prostitution. The sex workers working in the windows of districts such as the Red Light District in Amsterdam are said to have the best rights in the world for prostitutes.

However, this furthers from the truth as according to a trafficking documentary of the Netherlands, around 70-80% of women are trafficked from Eastern Europe and are controlled by dangerous pimps. In addition, those found guilty of having sex with a prostitute they know or is suspected to be trafficked, the offence will be punishable to up to four years in jail.

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Image: Petr Kratochvil

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