U.S to Review Social Media Activity for Visa Applicants

by Admin on May 5, 2017

Social media, email addresses and phone numbers will be required of some applicants

The U.S State Department published a notice in The Federal Register on Tuesday seeking public comment on a proposal to review social media, email addresses and phone numbers from some foreigners seeking US visas.

It also requested a temporary go-ahead from the White House to carry out the proposal for 180 days starting the 18th of May, regardless of public opinion.

The plan comes as part of Trump’s policy on enhancing the screening of potential immigrants and visitors.

The rule will apply only to some applicants that have been picked for extra-scrutiny including those that have travelled to countries that are associated with terrorist organizations, which according to estimates will affect roughly 65,000 applicants.

The new visa rules would also ask applicants to provide 15 years of travel and work history and the names and dates of birth of all siblings, children and current and former spouses or partners.

U.S immigration lawyer in Thailand, Benjamas Chaiwong told Thailawforum that the current U.S visa requirements include only a 5 year travel and work history and no sibling information.

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