UK Campaigners Want Sex Robots Banned

by Admin on September 16, 2015

A campaign is bubbling up in the UK, lobbying for the ban of highly realistic sex robots, reports the Express.

Image Credit: Michael Coghlan (Flickr)
Image Credit: Michael Coghlan (Flickr)

Campaign leader Dr. Kathleen Richardson describes the robots, which are being developed to be able to carry out sex acts as “very disturbing indeed.”

Advances in robot technology mean that sex dolls are becoming increasingly realistic, with some manufacturers aiming to insert a form of artificial intelligence into them.

Dr. Richardson, a robot ethicist at De Montfort University, is striving to raise awareness and convince those working on such products to omit any facets of artificial intelligence (AI).

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A few weeks ago Dr. Helen Driscoll, an expert on sex and relationship psychology, said: “Sex Tech is already advancing at a pace and in 50 years’ time physical relationships will seem very primitive.”

Dr Richardson vehemently disagrees, saying that humanoid sex robots evoke damaging stereotypes of women and encourages the view that a relationship can be merely physical.

True Companion is one such company trying to use AI technology in sex dolls. CEO Douglas Hines denies that the dolls will be all about sex. He says:

“The physical act of sex will only be a small part of the time you spend with a sex robot – the majority of time will be spent socializing and interacting.”

This topic calls into mind the recent debates surrounding the legalization of prostitution – which Amnesty International voted favor of in August. It is thought lawmakers will follow their lead.

The question on many people’s minds will be whether AI dolls (which may also raise surveillance issues) are preferable to indulging in prostitution services.

One benefit of advanced sex robots is that they will be free of sexually transmitted diseases and would reduce the trafficking of real people. It’s been suggested that commercial android prostitutes will take over Amsterdam’s red light district by 2050.

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