US Border Patrol Cites Snoop Dogg for Marijuana Possession

by Admin on January 11, 2012

On 7 January, US Border Patrol agents cited rapper Snoop Dogg for marijuana possession at a checkpoint in Sierra Blanca,Texas. Border discovered roughly two ounces of the drug after performing a search; Snoop Dog, who has long been an outspoken advocate of marijuana legalization in the U.S., admitted to possession of the drugs.

US Border Patrol checkpoints, which extend 100 miles into the interior of the United States from the US border, have been a frequent source of controversy among proponents of US constitutional rights. Controversies over the checkpoints involve the use of roadblocks for searches and seizures without apparant grounds based on the lawful requirements, reasonable suspicion, or probable cause. Further, critics are concerned and the fact that petty marijuana seizures are not the domain of the US Border Control agents, who are supposed to be focused on immigration enforcement.


Ironically, Snoop’s arrest took place at the same checkpoint where fellow musician and marijuana legalization proponent Willie Nelson was arrested for possession of the drug in 2010.

While Border Patrol authorities in Sierra Blanca may be congratulating themselves on their celebrity arrest, we’d like to point out that connecting law enforcement genius isn’t really needed to profile Snoop Dogg’s tour bus as potential source of  marijuana possession…



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